The Wilkersons from left to right: Caleb, Jamie, Jadon, Christina, Lydia (in front), and me.

Thanks for seeing my site. Here are some vocational basics:

I’m a second-career Christian minister. After 14+ years at UPS, I was dramatically moved into vocational service with a church as their Children’s Ministry Director. During my six year tenure there I was able to build a children’s ministry from the ground up.

While I loved working with the children and with my staff, something within me began to long for a simpler expression of church that would invest most of its resources and attention to developing Christ followers who would gather in authentic communities. So in late 2010, I resigned from that position with every intention of returning to a secular work environment. Obviously, the time wasn’t right for me to leave vocational ministry all together and in May of 2011 I took my current post as the pulpit minister with a small, traditional congregation. It’s been a great ride so far and I’ve learned a lot.

Through it all, my wonderful wife has stood by my side, supporting and (eh hem) correcting me. Together, we’ve produced four amazing human beings who couldn’t be more different from each other if we adopted them from various countries.

While building and revitalizing organizations, I’ve developed quite a passion and proclivity for cultivating healthy and efficient organizational environments. I’ve discovered that people produce and grow naturally when leadership builds and tends corporate cultures designed around a clear mission. Through this site, I hope to share ideas and techniques to equip organizational leaders to help their teams thrive regardless of their specific vocation.

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